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Rotate around a room scene

August 1, 2016 - 1:36am #1

Hello all,


I have been playing around with Vuforia for unity for a few weeks now and have made a lot of progress on a project, making simple AR step by step instruction tests ect, but my question is what i would like to do is to scan a tracker on a wall and to be inside a 3d building or room,

This room in fact : 


I have tried a couple of things, like extended tracking and found code for persistent tracking. which works only limited, as you have to move the device very slowly before tracking is of course lost. 

Now having used Augment, which i believe is a company that was made on the Vuforia SDK, could load 3d models with out the need of a tracker, of course you have to scale the object accordingly but once, for example with what i want a large 3d room, you could use the mobile device / tablet to look around, almost like a 3d photo-sphere 360 degree image, naturally you could not walk around or move due to the limitations of the the Augment software. 

So i was thinking, would i have to simply edit the code so once a 3d model is loaded via a tracker, to simply disable tracking but continue rotation around the 3d scene ?. 

I hope that made some sort of sense.


Rotate around a room scene

August 2, 2016 - 5:17am #2

Not sure if this could help; what you looking for is what other trying to achieve with the mix AR/VR mode, which somehow they forget the limitation of handheld vs position tracking. But from your comment, Im sure you are already aware of it.

So here my 2 cents;

Once the object are tracked, detached it (unaparent) from the image target. Set the 'World Center Mode to Device Tracking or Camera.

Hope thats what you looking for. Or else you can try with the gyroscope plugins from the asset store, but dont think its necessary tho.


Good luck!

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