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Smartterrain OnPropDeleted

December 1, 2014 - 6:56am #1


i am wondering when OnPropDeleted is actually beeing called.

I was thinking this happens if the user is removing a box from his table, thus the tracker will not find it any more. In this case a previously created object could be removed.

But when i try this, the event is never beeing called.


Or is this for something else? And how can we detect a removed Obstacle instead?

Smartterrain OnPropDeleted

December 2, 2014 - 12:55pm #2


removing an object (prop) from your physical scene is something you should avoid when working with Smart Terrain; the scene should remain static (i.e. not changing).


As stated in the developer guide:


Smart Terrain is best suited for near-range tabletop experiences in static settings that are well-lit with stable lighting conditions. Reflective and transparent surfaces are not good candidates for use with Smart Terrain because the appearance of such surfaces changes based on the position of the user.

Once the setting is staged, its elements should remain static


And more specifically on the Prop deleted callback:


void OnPropDeleted(Prop deletedprop)

  A prop has been deleted. This happens if the object was a false detection, or if an existing prop is determined to actually be two objects. The Smart Terrain   Tracker will recognize objects that are at least 2cm apart as two distinct props.



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