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Spatial Augmented Reality- Infinity Mirror

April 27, 2014 - 8:15am #1

Hi all,

I am trying to form a logical foundation whether it is possible to implement spatial augmented reality with vuforia and unity or not. With spatial AR, the main factor that is different from on screen AR is the use of an external projector to project the augmented reality onto the real world instead of a screen.

I had a chance to give it a quick try although I have foreguessed the problem of infinity mirroring :) And yes, it turned out to be true :) The displayed image is continuously fed back into the system which created the infinity mirroring. 

What I am trying to do is to is an interactive floor game. The projection surface is the floor and the camera is ceiling mounted looking toward the floor. I am running the virtual buttons example for trials.  After the first try, I then tried to add another camera to the Unity scene and render its output to the projection. Set the depth values, culling mask and clear flags so that the rendering with the second camera was OK. But arbitrarily, the tracking did not go well this time and the virtual buttons did not work. 

Now what i will try to do next is to print out the wood image marker (the virtual button samples image marker) as big enough for the cam to recognize and I can walk on. This way, the marker will not be displayed via projector but it will be a real world object.  But I still want to augment that wood image marker (the virtual button samples image marker) with game objects. This will again cause the infinity mirrors problem.

I am stuck even in this phase of logic :(  Seems like there is no way to run two games at once and make them talk to each other ...

I would really be more than pleased if you share your opinions , experience and guidance on this. 




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