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Switching between nonArCamera and ar camera

June 12, 2014 - 9:21am #3
guys, I am looking to switch between ar and ui camera. 
The way I currently did it.
Then vice versa when the user comes back to ar mode
The issue is camera has to refocus and find the image again, is it possible to keep the ar camera around and just have the uicamera for the ui stuff? Or what you guys suggest to best achieve this?

Switching between nonArCamera and ar camera

June 20, 2014 - 1:13pm #2

Funny thing, this is the same issue I am trying to solve at the moment. Guessing until someone responds I'll try your solution. It should work. I don't care to refocus on the sam target because i'm tracking words. Would be nice to get an answer to this.

Switching between nonArCamera and ar camera

June 21, 2014 - 4:49am #1

Hi guys,

if by "keeping the ar camera around" you mean having it still running and tracking (so to avoid that the camera needs to refocus, etc.)    but not rendering the video background, you can achieve this by disabling the DrawVideoBackground flag of the QCARRenderer class, as explained here:


The code for that would be:

QCARRenderer.Instance.DrawVideoBackground = false;

This will keep the ARCamera up and running, but the background will not be drawn.

Note that in addition to this, if you also want to hide any augmentation objects (but you don't want to Stop the tracker, for the reasons above), you will need to disable the Renderer components of the Game Objects that represent the augmentation objects for the targets in your scene.

Alternatively, you could adopt other tricks, such as temporarily setting the Far Clipping Plane of the ARCamera to a very small value (e.g. = Near clip plane + 0.01 or so), so that basically any geometry in the ARCamera view will be clipped (=> not rendered).

Another solution would be to use a Culling Mask of the ARCamera to skip the rendering of certain objects, see:


I hope this helps.


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