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text recognition wordlist

April 9, 2014 - 11:06pm #1

Hi , 

I am doing an example using Unity plug-in and text recognition , 

I found in old posts threads explaining how to do  a simple one :

I just want that my app recognizes 1 custom Word and shows something

I put an ARCamera object in the scene , then a TextRecognition object , 

following the explanations I should check "Use Word Prefabs" , but it is disabled , 

and I found that it is needed to fill the combo "Word LIst"  and that check box will be enabled ,

after that I can run the example , my custom word is recognized , but even all the words 

in the "Word List" are recognized ,

probably I am missing some basic ,

but how to do the same without using the "Word LIst" , or exclude the word list words from

the recognition ? 



text recognition wordlist

June 21, 2014 - 4:35am #8

Hi, not sure what is the difference between the solution you posted and the one I posted previously (i.e. using the OnWordDetected method of the ITextRecoEventHandler), read my previous post please)....

Concerning your second question:

if the question is about the rendering style of the recognition window (skinning it or making it look nicer..), I'm afraid this is not related to Vuforia, because the Vuforia API simply offers you a way of setting the position and size of such window (btw, this is called "Region of Interest" and is documented in the developer guide at the links I referred to in my previous post)

The rendering / skinning style is instead something that you can achieve at application logic and has more to do with Unity and C# programming than with the Vuforia SDK per-se.

FInal note: since your last question is going off-topic with respect to the the original topics of this thread, I would kindly ask you to create a new Thread on the specific topic you are interested in.



text recognition wordlist

June 20, 2014 - 12:51pm #7

@AlessandroB - Thanks, but that's not really an answer for me. I failed to mention I was using Unity3D. Thought since I entered under Unity, that would be the assumption. I found the solution (see below) I have another question. If you could be so kind to help me with keeping in mind I am using Unity (c#):


//My solution for anyone else who needs it

void OnWordDetected(WordResult wordResult){ if(wordResult.Word.StringValue == "MyWord") {

Debug.Log("Your customer word: " + "myWord" + " was detected");


So that above mod to the OnWordDetected method fixed my ealier question. Here's my second question.

How can I modify the window used for detecting words. Can I skin it, make it look nicer? Right now it's a black rect with.. thanks

text recognition wordlist

June 20, 2014 - 12:40pm #6

For native SDK, see:

(see in particular "Using Word Results" subsetion)

For Unity, see:

in particular you can use theText reco event handlers

Classes implementing the ITextRecoEventHandler interface can be registered at the TextRecoBehaviour. The OnWordDetected() and OnWordLost() callbacks of this interface are invoked on registered event handlers when a new word is detected 



text recognition wordlist

June 20, 2014 - 12:10pm #5

Hi guys, my question builds off of this one. Except I am using the English Word List, but how do I call a method() when a certain word is detected? I need to use an if/else statement, but not sure where to drop it in the Text Recgonition code. Any help is most appreciated. My AR experience is using 2D so I don't need to show any 3D objects, just call different methods when certain words are detected.





text recognition wordlist

April 18, 2014 - 4:39am #4

If you do the following:

- Choose Vuforia English WordList

- Additional word:  yourcustomword

- Filter Mode: WHITE_LIST

- Additional filter words: yourcustomword

It should recognize 'yourcustomword' only .

I have tested this and it works fine. See my inspecor panel view attached.


Image icon TextRecoWhiteList.png28.93 KB

text recognition wordlist

April 18, 2014 - 3:31am #3


I am using WHITE_LIST option in TExtRecognition , but it does not

what I expected , probably something is not clear to me :

Word List combobox is filled with 'vuforia english word' ,

below in textbox  'Addition words' I put the word I want to be recognized (  'xyzabc'  ) , 

I want that , only 'xyzabc' will be recognized , so actived WHITE_LIST option and  I put the same

word  'xyzabc' in the white list 'Additional filter words' text box , 

it does not work , nothing is recognized , probably because the white list word filters only

the words in  'vuforia english word'   list   .

If it is so , is it possible to get recognized only a word not contained in the  'vuforia english word'   list ?






text recognition wordlist

April 10, 2014 - 12:16am #2

You simply need to use a WHITE_LIST filter, by which you specify that you only want to reco your word.



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