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Unity 3.5 + Vuforia 1.5 Orientation Rotation

March 5, 2012 - 9:15am #1

Vuforia 1.5 supports Automatic Orientation Rotation in unity 3.5. I need to rotate my application, however I don't want to support automatic rotation. I have two AR scenes, one landscape (game play) and one portrait (photo capture). Currently the application is a landscare only application. We have rotated all of our GUI so that way it appears the to be in portrait in the photo capture scene. Unfortunately when we capture and save out the photo the photo is the wrong orientation (landscape) which makes sense because the app is still in landscape orientation. When I manually set the orientation in code
Screen.orientation = ScreenOrientation.Portrait;
the application rotates but Vuforia and the camera feed do not(see linked photo). When I exit and relaunch the app Vuforia redraws the camera feed to fill the entire screen but the feed is WONKY. It appears as if it is streching the feed to fit the new orientation but still has not rotated to the correct orientation(see linked photo). To support auto rotation I assume Vuforia is listening for a rotation event. What method or methods are called when the rotation event is triggered? Can I call these methods manually myself?

Re: Unity 3.5 + Vuforia 1.5 Orientation Rotation

March 6, 2012 - 6:45pm #2

Setting the orientation at runtime isn't currently supported, unless via auto-rotation. Feel free to add this to the Wish List: http://ar.qualcomm.at/node/2001256

- Kim

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