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Unity Android crash? Nexus 10

June 27, 2014 - 4:45pm #4


Im using a mac and unity 4.21 - not pro. I have an app made for iOs that I'm showing in a gallery -  of course they want it running on a Nexus10 Android tablet. And the app needs to run, doing it's AR thing all day. I've been testing it, it seems after only a few hours it 'minimises' itself, or goes to the background. 

My multipart question is:

How can i tell what version of vuforia I have installed?

Should I update to the latest version? - if it don't have that already

Will it run on my Unity version? should I update that too?

Is there some other reason why it would go to background? I'm not familiar with Android, it's in developer mode, I have sent the screen not to sleep, plugged the power in. Earlier I updated to the latest version of Android  (which fixed a terrible framerate issue with the Nexus 10 btw.)

Oh yes and the kicker is, it all needs to be done by tuesday latest (1 july)

Can anyone advise???



Unity Android crash? Nexus 10

June 29, 2014 - 5:34am #3

ok so i tried the latest version of unity and vuforia, the only difference is that the frame rate stutters occasionally. It still crashes out to launcher. I factory reset, put the older version back on remade it so if no user action will go to the apps start screen after 10 mins, then after 2 mins of start screen goes to AR screen. Still goes back to desktop. THen google immdiatley pops up a messaga about messages. I turned the wifi off already. 

(of course i0s version runs fine)

any ideas? anyone?

Unity Android crash? Nexus 10

June 29, 2014 - 8:05am #2

Normall the sleep mode should be disabled by default, however you can try this:




also, if you don't want your device to sleep during development (whe  it is connected via USB), you need to make sure to enable the Stay Awake setting in the developer options, see here:



Other related links you may want to look at:




Unity Android crash? Nexus 10

June 30, 2014 - 8:12am #1

thanks for the info. I dont think the problem is sleeping. I believe its with the version of Unity - works better with older version - 4.2 of unity. 

At the moment im usign a software called surelock. This forces the app to restart if it crashes...

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