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Unity3d Plugins and Looper (Android)

July 31, 2012 - 1:33pm #1

Has anyone actually used the default Android Looper class. I am trying to add a FrameLayout and a SurfaceView to a single part of my Application basically a after a specific button click (aka use hit collider to tap 3d Object then turn off 1 camera and turn on another).

What happens is that somehow it either freezes during this transtion (part of one scene visible and part of another also visible) then it is frozen and none of my keys go through ( i press the back key to go to previous camera but it doesnt happen) 

SO yea can anyone (mod or user) show me a proper way to use a Looper with Unity3d if you have done so, because this is driving me crazy, when something should work (according to tons of tutorials that all say the same thing) but it doesnt. 


THanks for any help.

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