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Unwanted shakingof Tall models

December 20, 2010 - 10:14pm #2


I have tall models(building) that are rendered perpendicular to the Image Target. But looking directly down at them through the phone, they seem to be swaying quite a bit.

I'm using a HTC Droid Incredible. Is this something that gets better with even higher end phones? like the Desire HD?? What kind of phones would the judges be using?

Or should I stick to shorter models? The shaking seems comparitively less obvious with the shorter models. Any suggestions to minimize the shaking?


Re: Unwanted shakingof Tall models

December 22, 2010 - 11:29am #1

After talking a bit internally about this, I have a couple of pointers:

1) The pose estimate returned by the tracker is less precise when the phone is looking straight down at the target. You will get a better pose when the device is looking at the target from an angle. If at all possible, encourage the users to view the virtual world from a variety of angles, rather than just straight down.

2) 3D objects rendered closer to the camera will appear to "sway" more. It sounds like your tall buildings might be quite close to the device as your view the world. You might consider making your buildings somewhat more squat in relation to the target.

A couple years back I worked on an AR zombie shooter, where the user looked down on a small city square. Our buildings were rather short, and we encouraged the user to peer down the alleyways at an angle. The game board was rather large, so looking straight down at it would have make for an uncomfortable gaming posture :) Here's a link to some images and a video of the game, so you can see what I mean:


- Kim

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