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Using an ARCamera with a partial viewport

April 21, 2015 - 8:34pm #1


I am doing some experimenting with Vuforia, and as such trying to push the limits a bit,

and one thing I'd like to get working is to have an ARCamera use less than the full

screen's viewport.


In my experiments, I've come across some interesting behavior.  Let me start by

talking about what does work:


* When using two ARCamera's in the heirarchy, I can set each one to a portion of

the viewport (ie. dividing the screen into left and right halves), and I can see the world

twice, and tracked objects show up in both halves of the world.  So this is close to what

I want -- actually, this may be exactly what I want in the end, but I'm curious to know

what all the options are.  So I noticed that in this case, the video image background

is gone, and I only get a black background.


* The next thing I tried is to turn off one of those two ARCameras, so there is now one

ARCamera with a viewport just for the left half of the screen.  Well in this case, that

one camera shows up in the entire screen, and the video background is there.


* The third thing I tried is to enable a basic "Main Camera" for the right half viewport,

and again with an ARCamera covering the left.  This produces the same behavior

as the previous -- ie. the one ARCamera takes over the entire screen and has the

video background.  I was hoping that this method might be a good way to do some

debugging by having the ability to look at the world from a God's eye perspective

while doing interactions through the ARCamera.


So I'm interested in hearing if this is expected behavior, or if there is an option I can

select that would allow the mixing of an ARCamera with a normal camera, or to

have two ARCameras each with the video background.


    Thank you in advance,



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