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Video Player Problem on iOS8

September 9, 2014 - 11:18pm #1

I am afraid to re-post the locked topic :


Hello, All.
I created a AR movie player app like a Vuforia's Video Playback Sample.
Movie files are stored on app local storage.
When start the app, the m_path variable in VideoPlaybackBehaviour.cs is changed to some local file path, and set the flle name to VideoPlayer Object.
It works fine on iOS7.
but, On iOS8 GM that was released at today (Sep. 10 2014), It cannot play the movie.
mVideoPlayer.GetStatus method return NOT_READY always. (Load failed?)
Could you support to survey with the GM version of iOS? 
Please Help me.

Video Player Problem on iOS8

September 13, 2014 - 8:44am #2
Hi All.
I found some informations.
I stored the video in Library/Caches directory.
If the video filepath is used relative path against Data/Raw, It did not work on iOS8.
When I change to test the VideoPlayerHelper#SetFileName with local fullpath file, It worked!
(I will not use a movie file in StreamingAsset Folder.)
Is this a same issue ?
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