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Virtual buttons help!

July 18, 2012 - 7:53pm #1



my group and I are planning to make a step by step on how to eat a cup noodle. when you pressed the first virtual button, it will show an animation on the Step 1 and so on and so forth. I just don't know, how will I make that in unity 3D? Please, I need your help. Thanks in advance.

Virtual buttons help!

July 19, 2012 - 7:11am #3

When using VirtualButtons in Unity, you simply need to make them children of their respective ImageTarget, and then position them on the target. You can customize their behavior by modifying the VirtualButtonEventHandler, which you should attach to the parent ImageTarget.

Virtual Buttons should cover a detail-rich area of the ImageTarget. You can use the descriptor view of your Image (i.e. the greyscale image w/ yellow hatches ) on the TMS site to determine where these are.

Keep in mind that Vuforia tracks planar (i.e. flat ) rectilinear targets. If you're using an actual Cup O' Noodles container, the only flat surface will be its cover, and the bottom of the cup. So you might want to develop a target that you can place the cup onto in order to present a richer backdrop for tracking. This would allow you to maintain tracking from perspectives that don't capture the cup's cover adequately.


Virtual buttons help!

July 19, 2012 - 5:01am #2

Hi iyasatuito,

It's probably best to break down this problem into sections in the first instance:

  • Playing animations in Unity (either 3d or video) - each of these will have a different implementation strategy
  • Invoking the animations via GUI or eventually by virtual buttons
  • Building this with the Vuforia plug-in
  • Triggering the animations at the right time

Two questions:

Have you clarified your design? ...and where exactly do you need help?



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