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Virtual Reality (2 Cameras)

August 31, 2014 - 8:01am #1


There are a few half-topics on this forum about getting 2 cameras to take up half of the screen each in order to use Vuforia with a virtual reality headset (Google Cardboard, Oculus etc).

Every topic seems to contain outdated information pertaining to an older version of Vuforia or only information on how to get the video to display twice, but not the rendered 3D scene.

Could you please once and for all put the topic to rest by describing the process to make this happen?

Currently the best I've got is a duplicated video layer which works fine, and then a copy of the 3D camera but the AR is completely off.

A decent tutorial on how to do it with the latest version of Vuforia or even supporting this as a standard feature would make this platform even more amazing!

Kind regards,

Virtual Reality (2 Cameras)

December 18, 2014 - 4:19am #3

The posts here are the most relevant requests. Since the cardboard sdk and the gear vr sdk are released and everyone is having drift issues, a way to integrate vuforia in to the two popular mobile vr applications would be awesome. I am developing a game that requires no drift to give a sense of immersion. The controller is a tabletop pinball controller with a marker on it. For now, I don't even care if I get the camera view from the world, I want to use the tracker to orient the player camera forward.
You also need to realize that currently, only the rift has the ability to do correction for drift and the ability to lean in to your scene. But this is not mobile. The gear vr has drift issues too. But it has pass through video capabilities. So using vuforia and any of these mobile options for correcting drift and giving us the ability to move towards our scene is crucial. If you do this, everyone will use it. And I'm guessing that's what you want people to do. Very few people will care about looking through a window in to a scene, but becoming a staple in mobile vr this early in the game will pay off.

Virtual Reality (2 Cameras)

December 13, 2014 - 10:02am #2

I'm totally agree!

The help guive by moderator is not complete enough (some guideline etc...ok but did you try it, did it work? how can we achieve it step by step).

I keep  searching  since three days and I can't achieve this SBS effect with vuforia. One  forumer "Felix" kindly post his project and it works but I don't understand how and it need the app mananger from the backgroud access sample pack.
Please give  us a clear methode to achieve a SBS view in unity with vurofia.

Thank's for the amazing vuforia work anayway.

best regards

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