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Vuforia + Project Tango

February 23, 2016 - 1:23am #8


I recently received a project tango prototype and I would like to use it's understanding of the device position in my projects.

My idea was to initialize the 3d-scene with vuforia using a marker or something, then place the 3d-objects at the correct position and finally activate the tango prefabs to track the movement of the user.

However, the two services don't work well together. While the app does not crash, the tracking by the tango sdk does not work properly, if tango is activated after vuforia.

Did someone successfully combine the two sdks in one project?

Is it even possible?

Vuforia + Project Tango

March 5, 2016 - 3:17am #7

I would second this.  I haven't got past being able to initiate the Vuforia service.  How did you get round that one?

Vuforia + Project Tango

March 7, 2016 - 7:14am #6

What I did so far:

  1. Imported both unitypackages into the project.
  2. Created a new Vuforia scene.
  3. Imported the required Tango Prefabs and deactivate them.
  4. Modified the the Vuforia scripts to create  a new object,
    when the marker is detected and to activate the Tango prefabs.

This works pretty good.

When I point at a marker, I get the tango initialization screen, but the motion tracking does not work properly.

Vuforia + Project Tango

March 8, 2016 - 5:22pm #5

Hey Ruben,


Thanks for replying.


I wonder if there is any intent from the Vuforia guys to try and make this work?  I will be asking the same of the Google team. I can't believe they (Google) wouldn't want their system to work alongside an existing AR framework - even though they may have imagined supplanting marker based tech completely.  The fact is, there are plenty of scenarios (given the limitation of the IR sensor) where this would be useful.

Vuforia + Project Tango

April 5, 2016 - 7:33pm #4

So to Vuforia. Is there an official line on offering or the potential offering down the track of supporting Project Tango?  I know it's still a development kit but there will be a commercial option from Lenovo within a few months.  I'd be shocked if you guys haven't played with it?

I had just assumed that the 2 systems would play nicely together but now I am having to find another option for my client.  I would appreciate some sort of guidance on this so I can spend time investigating another AR system.



Vuforia + Project Tango

May 26, 2016 - 4:44pm #3

We had a similar issue, we couldn't manage to use Tango depth map in an application that has initialised Vuforia and uses it (for tracking trackers and drawing the video background). Long story short: a callback Tango is supposed to call is never called.

The code used for Tango is the same than the Tango samples, and these work perfectly with regards to that. The callback is actually called.

After doing some research it seems that there might be a potential issue with both libraries trying to access the camera concurrently.

Have you noticed something similar? Is such a conflict possible?

Vuforia + Project Tango

June 22, 2016 - 8:30pm #2

It would be fantastic to get an official response from Vuforia/PTC on this.  Now that Tango is in a consumer device there will be more calls to see integration between Vuforia and the Tango's built in services.  

The "official" line from Johnny Lee was that the Tango team decided not to create a marker tracking library of their own because developers already had their own preferences.  Having preferences is all well and good, but my efforts to get any library to play nicely with Tango (in Unity) have thus far failed.

I think what is required is to create a plugin (for Unity) that wraps both services and has a single entry point, so a call to the plugin initialises both services on the native side.

My own personal belief is that there is something political about this as (since the split of Qualcomm and Vuforia) as there is a deafening silence on the part of Vuforia, and to be quite honest Google were less than helpful in my endeavours (who are working with Qualcomm).

Who knows?







Vuforia + Project Tango

January 6, 2017 - 1:07pm #1

Just bumping this thread because of the announcement of the ZenPhone AR. We now have 2 Tango consumer devices--would be great to see Vuforia support for them. Just like support with Hololens shows us, there are many great uses cases to have the environment mapped along with traditional AR target tracking at the same time. 

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