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Vuforia Unity extension for openGl es 1.x

June 22, 2012 - 12:04am #1

When we tried building a Unity Vuforia project for iOS openGl es 1.x it crashed. This does not happen with openGl ES 2.0.
Does the Unity Vuforia extension work with OpenGl ES 1.x?

Xcode debug log for thread 1

Thread 1 (thread 11779):

#0  0x33e0e7ba in gliUnimplemented ()

#1  0x35460866 in glCreateShader ()

#2  0x00f8f474 in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#3  0x00f8f54c in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#4  0x00f8f658 in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#5  0x00f8d2f0 in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#6  0x00f8d7e8 in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#7  0x00f17680 in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#8  0x00f16214 in QCAR::setInitParameters ()

#9  0x00e78070 in QCAR::Renderer::getInstance ()

#10 0x01036b20 in updateQCAR (trackableDataArray=0x9cfa550, trackableArrayLength=2, vbDataArray=0x0, vbArrayLength=0, imageHeaderDataArray=0x0, imageHeaderArrayLength=0, screenOrientation=3, bindVideoBackground=0) at /UnityiOSCAKE/Unity_iOS/QCARUnityPlayer/iOS/../../../Unity/QCARWrapper/src/Tracker.cpp:155

#11 0x0026a0bc in wrapper_managed_to_native_QCARManager_updateQCAR_intptr_int_intptr_int_intptr_int_int_int () at Assembly-CSharp.dll.s:238078

#12 0x000da8dc in QCARManager_Update_UnityEngine_ScreenOrientation () at Assembly-CSharp.dll.s:60939

#13 0x00000000 in ?? ()


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Vuforia Unity extension for openGl es 1.x

June 22, 2012 - 8:38am #3

* see my correction above - I was thinking of the native SDK.


Yes it does. Was this project originally a 2.0 that you later changed to 1.1 in Unity? If so, you may want to try with a fresh project.

Vuforia Unity extension for openGl es 1.x

June 22, 2012 - 8:21am #2

My mistake. The iOS Unity extension does NOT support 1.1. You'll need to build for 2.0.

From the getting started guide:

"Also ensure that Target Platform is not set to armv6 (OpenGL ES 1.1). This version of the extension only supports OpenGL-ES 2.0."

See the iOS Deployment Process section here - https://ar.qualcomm.at/qdevnet/sdk/ios/Compiling%20a%20Simple%20Project

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