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Vurfoia with Unity preview

October 29, 2012 - 2:15pm #1


I think I read somewhere that the latest Vuforia extension for Unity will allow you to preview the scene using your attached camera in the Unity Editor, as opposed to building the app each time to test on the iOS device. Is that true? Anyone have experience on how well it works? I'm using Vuforia 1.5.9 and Unity 3.5.6, and it doesn't seem obvious on how to make it work.

As a follow-up, thoughts on using this preview to do AR on a full-size machine? Basically I'd like to tell Unity to use an input card as the video (camera) input, then put the editor window full-screen on another ouput, and go from there.

I know Vuforia is desgned for iOS, but we have some uses where using an iOS device isn't practical, and I'd like to use Unity and Vuforia instead of getting into higher-end AR products.

Thanks in advance.

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