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Warehouse using Vuforia/unity/android to update inventory

November 30, 2015 - 10:08pm #2

Hello, I've been developing with a friend a certain app that consists of using the labels of a warehouse to easily identify the objects inside the packages. 


So far the project has been going well because the local database of android reigstered those labels, however now they wanted it to be cloud based and that it should add and remove stuff products in a dynamic way (Basically to let them know if they continue to provide that product, add new products or changing the description of it).


Right now I've been developing it using the device database because it was pretty simple, and added a bunch of imagetargets in it with labels like the one you'll see in the attachment (which I made in unity)

In case you want to know, the label consists on the following:
-cube to attach an image
-Plane to make the background
-3D text that has the description, product, sender, receiver (client's name), address and how much inventory

So basically my question is as follows:
If I decide to redo this... 
Will the app be able to add new stuff so that the database can work with it and then show the label on the app?
Or are the cloud settings limited to using them with unity because the app cannot add those labels on it's own?

I'm aware that you can add new imagetargets on the cloud, But should i need to do extra stuff if i wanted to see those labels on android besides what I've been doing so far or is the app capable of doing so?

Sorry if this doesn't belong here or if I'm breaking a rule by doing this.

Thank you for taking your time to read this

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Warehouse using Vuforia/unity/android to update inventory

December 2, 2015 - 4:08pm #1

You might want to check out the Books sample app for an example of combining cloud target meta-data with targets. It appears similar to what your screenshot shows. You can dynamically manage targets in a Cloud DB using the VWS API. You can dynamically enable and disable individual targets as needed. It is not recommended to use the VWS API in a client app that will reach many users due to the daily limit of 10,000 queries that could be easily exceeded. If this functionality is needed, it is recommended to have the app make calls to your own custom CMS server which can then manage and queue the queries to the VWS API.





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