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360Sphere Video playing by AVPro Video displays in low quality with ARCamear

May 27, 2017 - 12:19am #1

Platform: Unity 5.6.0f3, Vuforia Unity SDK 6.2.10, AVPro Video Trial Edition 1.6.6

Reproduced: yes

Reproducing steps:

1. Import the AVPro Video Trial Edition and Vuforia Unity SDK to Unity.

2. Create a scene with 3 elements: an Unity main camera, a Vuforia AR camera, a 360SphereVideo object which is instantiated from 360SphereVideo Prefab provided by AVPro Video plugin;

3. Select AVProVideoSamples/SampleSphere.mp4 in 360SphereVideo object;

4. Activate the AR camera and inactive the main camera, then play the scene. The video looks scaled compared with the result when inactivating the AR camera and activating the main camera.

5. If I disable the Vuforia Behaviour Script of ARCamera, or modify the Awake function in the script as follows:

   protected override void Awake()




            //base.Awake();  -- remark this to prevent initialization of Vuforia


     The video does not be scaled and lookes the same as rendered with the main camera.

 I guess that Vuforia does additional scaling operations when playing sphere360 video. Is there any way to notify vufoia stopping scaling? And what is the root cause of the scaling?

Attached files:

360sphere_with_maincamera.png shows the result in AR camera.

360sphere_with_arcamera.png shows the result in main camera.



360Sphere Video playing by AVPro Video displays in low quality with ARCamear

May 30, 2017 - 7:12pm #3

Thanks lukesmith123. I  have just checked FOV settings of both cameras, and they are the same. But I am not very sure if the Vuforia configuration is suitable.

And AVProVideo trial edition can be found here:



I  have exported my source codes to an unity package, it's size: 181MB( 190,740,089 bytes, including vuforia sdk and AVPro video). May be it is too large for email. Please tell me your email address, I will share my google drive adress of this package with you.

Thanks again!


360Sphere Video playing by AVPro Video displays in low quality with ARCamear

May 27, 2017 - 7:19am #2

I spent a lot of time resolving a similar issue, however I cant reproduce your steps as I dont have AVPro. 

Firstly did you check the FOV settings for both cameras?

Also what settings do you have in your Vuforia Configuration? 

I'd be happy to take a closer look if you want to send me your project source files. Let me know and I'll PM my email address.




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