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Accessing Capture Card or DSLR Camera

August 19, 2019 - 1:41am #1


I'm tracking several markers in an area of about 6m. Since I need to have control over the camera settings such as the image's brightness etc. I can not use a normal webcam and I am using a dslr camera with 4k resolution. Now I am trying to access the video stream in Unity using a capture card (Elgato HD 60). It seems Vuforia only recognizes the camera image if I send the signal as a virtual webcam to Unity. Unfortunately if I do so I have a dealy of about 0,5 seconds between the original video capture and the video stream in Unity/Vuforia.

Is there any way I can use a capture card directly in Vuforia to obtain a smooth performance? Is there any other capture card which is compatible to Vuforia? Or do you have any suggestion how I could receive a high quality video stream with controllable light settings?

Help is highly appreciated!!!

Accessing Capture Card or DSLR Camera

August 21, 2019 - 7:24am #2

The only way to use a camera on a dekstop PC is to use it as a webcam.  Comes down to how you emulate the webcam, with software or hardware.  

Look into SparkoCam or similar for software or look into a different hardware option like Elgato Camlink.  

If you search these forums, I think people have posted what they had success with in the past but can't remember.  

I'm wondering if your bottleneck might be the 4k resolution.  

Note that if you are using Unity check the webcam profiles and remember you won't be able to export your project.  Webcam preview only works in the editor.

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