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Algorithms and sensors used by Vuforia

November 23, 2020 - 12:47am #1

Hello everyone,

i am currently writing a research paper at university about Objecttracking in Augmented Reality. For that i created a project which simply tracks an object on the Micorsoft Hololens. I want to go into detail about some Objecttracking-algorithms but dont know how Vuforia realizes that.

I couldnt find any third party packages used in the SDK and cant open the ModelTargetBehaviour-Script so there is no way finding some information on that in the code.

So I have two questions about Vuforia used in Unity: 1. Which alogrithms does Vuforia use for Objecttracking?  2. Which sensors does Vuforia use for Objecttracking? Does it only use the camera like in Android an IOS applications or is it also taking input from the depth-camera of the Hololens?


Thank you for your awnsers. 

Algorithms and sensors used by Vuforia

December 1, 2020 - 12:31am #2


I will try to answer your question below:

1. This information is proprietary

2. IMU sensor data and camera frames. (Arkit and Arcore sensor data, more info here:

3. See answer 2.

Thank you.

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