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App ios/android - Video 360 - Image target

November 26, 2018 - 10:21am #1

Hello everyone, I'm trying to visualize a 360 video through Vuforia Image Target.

The idea is that by recognizing a Marker to display a 360 ° video that works on ios and android.

I used the demo scene of Core Vuforia ImageTarget

in the destination scene I used Environment Skybox Material, with a "Skybox / Panoramic" texture to which I inserted the 360 video, the scene works outside of Vuforia.

I thought to change the scene of the Marker recognition, but I encountered a problem.

In the new scene Vuforia automatically creates a new object TextureBufferCamera> TextureBufferMesh, the latter prevents me from seeing my Skybox.

Is there a way to hide TextureBufferMesh in the new scene?

I have change scene with this code:

-SceneManager.LoadScene ("pano-demo");

-OnTrackingFound ();

Thank you in advance


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