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App ios/android - Video 360 - Image target

November 27, 2018 - 12:44pm #1

Vuforia Engine v7.5.26

Unity 2017.3 

I'm trying to develop an app to view a 360 video through the recognition of a Marker.

I started from the demo scene of Core Vuforia Image Target, I modified the script "DefaultTrackableEventHandler" inserting these lines of code to change scene once the Market has been found:

- Debug.Log ("Trackable" + mTrackableBehaviour.TrackableName + "found");

- SceneManager.LoadScene ("pano-demo");

- OnTrackingFound ();

The code works and takes me to the new scene, but here I have a problem:

In the new scene I inserted a Skybox inside Scene -> Environment -> Material with a texture on which I connected 360 video.

This new scene outside Vuforia works, I see the 360 video correctly.

Instead, inside the new scene Vuforia creates a "TextureBufferCamera" object in which there is "TextureBufferMesh" that does not allow you to view the Skybox.

Is there is a way to hide this object when scene is playing?

Thanks for you help



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