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October 29, 2018 - 9:16am #1

Hello ,

I'm new to vuforia and unity, trying to develop an app which should scan a qr code and make a api call to fetch details and display in augmented reality.

i found a qrscanner  app built using zxing library,

url:   https://github.com/kefniark/UnityBarcodeScanner/tree/master/

this can be used as a boiler plater for my app. The problem is in this app the developer used "main camera". i've built the android apk and it is working fine. Now i replaced main camera with ARcamera . now when i build an apk, the app is not working fine. main camera is able to get continuous camera feed, but arcamera is unable to give me the continous feed, instead i'm getting a black screen. 

Can someone help me in knowing the difference between MAIN CAMERA and ARCAMERA? will they function differently in giving me continuous feed? 

If i use ARcamera, how can i render continous feed from the camera, so that i can keep scanning  for a qrcode. Also i'm using RAWIMAGE to display whatever i'm getting from my camera.  Please Help!! Thank You.


October 30, 2018 - 10:49am #6

You do not need to create each VuMark, you create a template and it auto generates them.

Here's a good overview:




October 30, 2018 - 7:49am #5

Hey @dpizzle, Thanks alot,now i get it. i've sorted issue by calling in arcamera scene after qr code has been scanned. now it is working fine.  Yes, i've read a little about Vumarks. actually any code would work fine for me, all i need is scan the code, get some id, with which we can make an  api call  to fetch xyz information. But i got to know that VUmarks are manually created using photoshop and some other tools. But then i might need to design many vumarks which requires lot of manual effort and not feasible. i wish there was some  tool or script which can generate  vumarks based on some input, Just like we have qr code generators. Do we have such scripts? :D Just being optimistic :)



October 30, 2018 - 5:19am #4

I'll try to explain again.  Maybe you're confused about the concepts of camera in unity and the camera data from the device's physical camera.  They are two different ideas.  You have code in Vuforia and code in your plugin both trying to stream the data in from your physical camera on the back of your device.  Only one technology can access the data stream at a time.  So you can:

1. Turn on only one camera data stream at time.  So maybe you start the scene with Vuforia off and then turn it on when a QR code is recognized while turning off your plugin.

2. Have Vuforia take over the role of the camera data streamer the whole time and feed in each picture the camera feed is taking at push that data to your plugin (if it supports it)

3. Do you need actual QR codes or can you use another type of code?  If so take a look at VuMarks.



October 30, 2018 - 1:17am #3

Thanks @dpizzle for your insight. although i did not completely understand your comment,  i have a doubt that how can it work with main camera in the scene? the android app built with main camera in the scene is giving me continuous feed and able to  scan perfectly. but when i replace main camera with ARcamera in the scene, i'm getting a black screen in place of RAWIMAGE ELEMENT which i used for showing the camera feed.  all i'm saying is how can it not work with ARCAMERA, but with MAIN CAMERA? i'm sorry if i'm sounding dumb or missing any fundamentals. help needed.. thanks!!


October 29, 2018 - 11:59am #2

Sounds like you are trying to use two different camera feeds at the same time?  You can only use one at a time, Vuforia's or your plugins.  So you got two options, switch camera feeds after you recognize the qr code (won't be seamless) or pipe in the camera feed data from Vuforia into your plugin.   Look in the Vuforia library for "Working with Camera" to see how to get camera frame data.  I think other people have dealt with this problem on this forum,  try searching here, if you haven't.

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