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ARCamera shaking

October 30, 2017 - 10:58am #2



I'm load dataset from absolute path using script:



It work fine, ImageTarget can track the Target but I has a problem with ARCamera. When target is found, ARCamera will be crazy change position and rotation:


If I change the World center mode to First Target, then Target starts to shake. 

Why such large coordinates? Checked in two versions of Unity 5.6.0 and 2017.2. What am I doing wrong? Why in the editor I can't see the downloaded database and the marker for the created ImageTarget through this script?  Also, because of this jitter, the window of the game itself does not show the created object on the target and the attached components of the ImageTarget created by hand Mesh Renderer and Mesh Filter, disappeared. Why?

ARCamera shaking

October 31, 2017 - 6:34am #1

Some things to check out:

When you created your Image target what width value did you input?  (Should be close to 1)

Tracking is only as good as your image, how many stars? have you tried different images to see if it effects jittering?

When parenting your object to the image target, parent as close to the center point as possible. Small fluctuations in rotation will be magnified the farther ways from the center it is.

Image targets disable/enable all child renderers for showing objects when it's tracking.  If you need to function differently you'll have to manually code it.  I suggest loading up the samples with your webcam, pause it while it's tracking and inspect the hierarchy, should give you a good idea what's going on and how it works.




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