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AR/VR mode switch

July 7, 2019 - 6:03am #1

Hi all! I know that tehere already exist topics with same thema, but they all are to old and no longer actual for 2019. So i'm trying to switch camera Eyewear Type

between "VideoSeeThrough" and "None". I tried to google something and i found lot of information about it, but all info was to old. For example i found this video

and description how to do this here. But in my case i'm using unity 2019.1.1f1 and vuforia 8.3, and in inspector there no options as described in developer library. So then i tried to do all this things through C# script, but again in newest version of vuforia this functions is depricated. What i did:

public void changeMode2() {

        if(currentType == EyewearType.None) {


            currentType = EyewearType.VideoSeeThrough;

        }else if(currentType == EyewearType.VideoSeeThrough) {


            currentType = EyewearType.None;



But as described here this functions no longer available because depricated, as i understood.

So i tried to use unity XRSettings to enable/disable mode, it works, but not perfectly. First problem is that after 2 minute of using this my phone (samsung galaxy s8) overheating. Secong problem is that eyewear are to narrow. Look at the attached screenshot.

 So i did it by enabling virtual reality support in unity editor BuildSettings -> PlayerSettings -> XRSettings, add Vuforia VR SDK. Then open ARCamera config and set digital eyewear type to "phone + viewer".

Then wrote few rows of C# code 

public void changeMode() {


        if (XRSettings.enabled) {

           XRSettings.enabled = false;

        } else {

            XRSettings.enabled = true;



So first what i want to know is how to change vuforia camera mode from video see through to normal ar mode. I want still have image recognition function even if video mode was changed to VR, as in video from youtube (but in video this mode was set from the beginnig) Then after tagret was recognized go to actual vr mode (as in video) How to do that by using vuforia? Is that possible with newest versions of unity and vuforia? If no, then may be how to use google cardboard and switch between it? Any help please! 

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