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Black Screen in AR Scene

December 9, 2020 - 6:59pm #2

Hi, we are using Unity 2019.3.2f1 and Vuforia Engine 9.3.3. We are using Ground Plane and Model Target Scenes. Many of our users have reported facing a Black Screen when the AR Scene initialises.These were reported on a variety of devices such as Samsung A51, Redmi Note7 pro, Samsung M30s, Oppo F15, One Plus 3T, One Plus 6T. We later tried Vuforia Core Features Sample and even that resulted in the black screen. Attaching a sample video taken from the Vuforia Core Features Sample. Please look into this issue as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Ashwal CS

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Black Screen in AR Scene

December 15, 2020 - 3:10am #1


I've tested the Core Sample apps with 2019.4/ SDK: 9.3.3 on a Huawei P20 Pro and was *not* able to reproduce the issue. 

Could you please provide a logcat dump using $ adb logcat AR:D Unity:D *:S ?

Thank you.

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