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Can I completely turn off image tracking after image target noticed? For jitter protection.

January 20, 2020 - 6:57pm #1



I use vuforua 8.6.7(latest) in image target mode with world center is "Device" mode,

default trackable behaviour's status filter is "Extended Tracked" mode, using ARCore kit required.


As there is still some jittery on argumentation when I'm far from it about over 1.5m, I turned off real time image tracking by

deactivating "Image Target Behaviour" component.


This works well but, sometimes at the time the "Image Target Behaviour" component is turned off, argumentation position is suddenly changed

slightly or far unregularly.


I think this may be happened by.. turnning off tracking function forcely, and hardware camera tracking makes some bounceness on argumentation.


Can I completely eleminate jitter in this way? Or any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Best <3<3 ~

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