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Cant move around the 3D model with Unity for Moverio Bt-300

July 12, 2017 - 2:15am #1

Hi everyone,

I am developing an AR maintenance app with moverio bt-300 using unity and vuforia.

I have an image target and a 3D model attached to it. The model is positioned,rotated and scaled relative to the image target in the unity inspector.

I also setted "World center mode = device tracking" with "Model correction mode=Head". Also I enabled extended tracking.

When I run the app the marker gets detected and the 3D model is displayed. Moreover, when I turn my head to left or right the object stays its position. When I move inside the room and turn back to my initial position the object is still there, which are all perfect.

The problem happens when I try to move around the object to see all of its sides, because when I try to get close to it, I can never able to reach it because it goes away from me.

So basically I want to move around the object. But the object is getting smaller when I get close to it and getting bigger when I get far away from it.

This is a big issue for me because it causes misalignment and also bad user experience.

Is there anyone having an idea about this issue?


Cant move around the 3D model with Unity for Moverio Bt-300

July 24, 2017 - 11:33pm #2


I am also work on BT-300 AR project(Unity+Vuforia). Glad to know you can make it work (Marker detected and 3D object shown), I can't even do that! Could you share me how you achieved that so we can explore together and share our progress? looks like fewer people using BT-300, have you used MoverioBT300UnityPlugin? I can make it work on my android phone in cardborad with Video see through.

thanks and regards

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