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custom video input - Could not connect pins - RenderStream()

June 26, 2019 - 1:56pm #1


i'm trying to access an external camera via an video capture device. I tested an  elgato hd 60 pro and a terratec grabster extreme and the webcams are listed as devices but I got no input with the following console log.

i tried to receive the video signal with a virtual webcam in osb and wirecast but we got the same result. Strangely sending a virtual webcam with Manycam is working fine but the high latency makes the tracking a bad choice.

in an unity scene without vuforia i can receive the video image through an ususal webcam texture approach. It might be an beginners question but can ou tell me if/how it is possible to access webcamtexture with vuforia??

Any help is highly appreciated!


Could not connect pins - RenderStream()








Vuforia.VuforiaARController:UpdateState(Boolean, Boolean)



Vuforia.DelegateHelper:InvokeDelegate(Delegate, Object[])



Image icon debugLog.png169.9 KB

custom video input - Could not connect pins - RenderStream()

June 27, 2019 - 8:53am #4


Vuforia Engine depends upon the camera's driver operating properly in order for it to be supported by Play Mode. Most USB webcams work, but we do get infrequent reports of ones that don't.

Perhaps you can adjust the resolution settings by setting to a commonly supported value, like 1280x720 (720p). Read on...

Web cam settings for Vuforia Engine Play Mode in Unity can be accessed via the Unity Editor's installation folder: <unity-install-folder>/Editor/Data/PlaybackEngines/VuforiaSupport/VuforiaResource/webcamprofiles.xml.

  • If your webcam is not listed, you can also add entries by using the device name that shows in Unity Editor->Window->Vuforia Configuration->Webcam->Camera Device
  • To run your webcam at a higher resolution than the default 640x480, the parameters in the XML file can be edited to set different camera capture resolutions. Changes will be applied the next time you run Play Mode


  • Unity does not guarantee to deliver a webcam texture in the requested size, therefore it may need to be resampled to the required size.
  • If no resampledTextureHeight is specified, the aspect ratio will be kept when resampling is done.
  • Specifying a resampledTextureHeight will enforce a certain aspect ratio, even if it's different from the created web cam texture. This can be used to fix cases where the webcam texture is distorted.
  • Vuforia does not sanity check values used against the camera's capabilities. Please check your web cam's specs for supported capture resolutions.


Vuforia Engine Support

custom video input - Could not connect pins - RenderStream()

June 27, 2019 - 5:11am #3

Yes, I'm using the camera with Unity Play Mode. Unfortunately I'm not experienced enough to create a costum camera driver with the Vuforia Engine External Camera feature - if that might be the solution.

custom video input - Could not connect pins - RenderStream()

June 26, 2019 - 4:00pm #2


Is this in the context of the Vuforia Engine External Camera feature? Or are you trying to use this camera with Unity Play Mode?


Vuforia Engine Support

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