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Detecting images in unity 2D

January 14, 2018 - 7:41pm #1

I am researching if the following use case is appropriate for Unity 2D + Vuforia.

I will have some images in my Unity 2D app which I want to apply some image recognition on. The images will contain a square box with a specific-coloured border, let's say Pink. So I want to use Vuforia to identify the pink box in the image, rotate it to the correct orientation (the thickest edge will represent the bottom of the box), and then read the content of the box for further analysis in unity.

Is this something Vuforia can assist with? (From what I have read, it seems so - but want to be sure!) If anyone can point me to a beginner's article that could assist me with getting started with this task, I would appreciate it, as I can't seem to find the right methods at the moment.

Many thanks!

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