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Duplicated ImageTargets share material, but should use own materials

December 11, 2017 - 7:17am #2

Hi there,


this is a post for a problem which is already known, but I couldn´t find the old post.


My question is, will it be fixed in the future? Ok, what should be fixed:


In Unity Editor, I create an ImageTarget. I select the Database and the ImageTarget. Let´s say, I have 20 Targets. I create and setup the first. Add Components and so on. After that I just duplicate the first ImageTarget. On the duplicated ImageTarget I set in the ImageTargetBehaviour a other ImageTarget to detect. But what is that? The duplicated ImageTarget changes it´s look (texture and size) to the new selection. That´s fine. But the first ImageTarget ALSO changes. But when I select/click at the first ImageTarget GameObject, both change their textures back to the ImageTargetTexture of the first one. Why? Why they seem to share a Material. In earlierer Versions of Vuforia this worked like a charme and like it should. But since Vuforia 6.1.x or 6.2.x this "error" occurs.

Even if I make the first ImageTarget with all it´s setup (additional components and so on) to a prefab and instantiate that prefab to the scene and select a new ImageTarget for that instance, all instances of this prefab share the same material and have this "misbehaviour". All instances will show the texture of the last clicked ImageTarget GameObject in the scene, which is realy confusing! It worked in the past until Unity 6.0.117. Please, fix this! It is NO workflow to setup each GameObject as ImageTarget from zero! The current workflow is just frustrating!


Kind regards,



Duplicated ImageTargets share material, but should use own materials

December 13, 2017 - 11:58pm #1



I have also this problem. Solution: You can't duplicate ImageTarget.

Always make new ImageTarget object. If you duplicate it, then you will not change database for each of them, because if you change it for one, there will be change for each of them. 

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