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Extended tracking function of vuforia 7.2 does not work properly with AR-VR sample

July 13, 2018 - 1:10am #1


I am using Vuforia's "AR + VR Sample" for extended tracking by Vuforia 7.2 location tracker.


●My environment

Unity 2018.1.7.f 1 (mac)

vuforia 7.2.20

iOS 11.1 / ipad (2017 model)


1.import Vuforia AR + VR sample

2. open 3-AR-VR scene

3. open vuforia configuration -

Device Tracker - check track device pose,

Tracking mode - POSITIONAL,

UserHead Position => set 0, 0, 0

(If this is not set, the position of the object displayed in the AR will be incorrect)


Immediately after launching the application, it seems that "extended tracking" by "tracking tracker" is in effect.

However, it seems that "extended tracking" is disabled when returning to "AR mode" after entering "VR mode" once.

Is there a way to re-enable "extended tracking" again?

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