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Extended Tracking - keep object alive even if handheld is moving fast

January 10, 2019 - 2:21am #1


I am building my first vuforia - unity applications for a customer. 

Right now I am havin a minor issue: With Track Device Pose enabled, Tracking Mode Positional, Fusion Mode set to Optimize for Image Tagets and VUMarks the model on the handheld screen is destoyed if you move your handheld too fast. Right now I dont see the reason for that behaviour why it  should work like this. Can I change this? Is there a button I have not seen? Do I need to implement some coding?

Also some objects vibrate a bit if I go close to them. Is that normal? Can I change that too?

I tried to find articles about those topics but havent found any. The library haven't answered them as well and when I searched for 'Persistent Extended Tracking' all forum entries pointed to articles inside the library that dosn't exist animore.


Extended Tracking - keep object alive even if handheld is moving fast

January 10, 2019 - 2:38pm #2


It is not unusual for the augmentation to disappear if the device is moved violently and rapidly.

Pose jitter exists for all 2D planar targets. The magnitude of the jitter (hardly noticeable to very noticeable) can be impacted by a few factors:

  1. Always print the image that was uploaded to the portal to the exact same aspect ratio. Any stretching or altering of the image may cause tracking pose jitter. Some printers default to "stretch to fit", which can change the aspect ratio.
  2. Check the size values you are using when uploading Targets to the Vuforia Target Manager. Note there is specific language used in the dialogue box that says Vuforia uses meters as the default unit scale. Incorrect target sizes could affect either our detection/tracking algorithm
  3. Image Targets must be flat when in the camera's field of view
  4. Not enough lighting upon, and/or spectral reflections occluding the Image Target


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