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Extra Long distance tracking solution

May 2, 2017 - 9:13pm #1

Hello every expert here,

Recetnly I have played with Vuforia AR application (I have no source code access) with extra Long distance tracking (A4 paper, 10meter more). (Not extended tracking Mode). It works pretty well. I was wondering how it works. I am sure that this AR application is made by Unity and Vuforia. I will post here the scenario to discuss with you the possibilities to recover this type of extra long distance tracking in Unity。

1. In the very beginning, you have to focus on A4 marker at a distance around 40cm

2. Once the market is detected, an indicator let you move far from the marker.

3 At 3meter away from the marker, the AR object is displayed in front of market at a fixed distance.

From 3 -10 meter, the AR object is always there. *Even the A4-size marker is not visible anymore* (I have tried with throw away the marker)

I was wondering how it works ? I tried also with Extended Tracking Mode, even with this more it can not work at 10meters

Is there anyone who knows how it works ? or any hints ?

Thanks a lot!

Extra Long distance tracking solution

September 21, 2017 - 11:25am #3


The scenario described in Dormouse's original post sounds like something that can be done with extended tracking. Extended tracking works ideally up to 5-10m away depending on image size and quality, but also based on the environment features around the target. If there are plenty of distinct features around the target, it will be easier for Vuforia to keep track of the position of the initial target.

I have tested this by placing one of the sample targets (stones) on the wall and slowly walked backwards while keeping the target in the camera frame. I was still able to see the augmentation at ~15-20m away. Just note that the further from the target you get, the more the performance will degrade.

Something else to keep in mind is to make sure you modify your Unity camera's far clipping plane if you are trying to use extended tracking > 10m away. While the tracking may still be working, Unity might not be rendering it anymore due to the clipping planes.


-Vuforia Support

Extra Long distance tracking solution

September 19, 2017 - 7:08am #2

hello, same question +1. already get an answer?

was wondering probably its not only ar tracking, also with tango or something.

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