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Failed to create ImageTargetObserver: DATABASE_LOAD_ERROR

Apple XCode
May 25, 2022 - 9:26pm #1

Xcode 13.2

MacOS Big Sur 11.6.5

IOS Device: Phone 6 (12.5.5)

Unity version: 2020.3.26f1

Vuforia Engine AR: 10.4.4


It's working ok when I directly build and run from Unity Editor

But currently we have the requirement for it to be plugged into IOS native app


I managed to launch the scene following this article


The camera is working but this error shows (in the screenshot attached) when initialising the scene.

Wonder if it's related to info.plist.


Appreciate if anyone can help or give a hint. Meanwhile will try to work this out



Seng Yong

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