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Fixed Scene on Target

April 16, 2019 - 8:17am #1

Hello everybody,

Here in my agency we are planing to do a big project with our client, but will be a little bit different than how vuforia works.

We are planing to: when user aim the target insted of the AR appear using the target as a base we need to the AR just start in that point

and keep the virtual scene static on that start to the AR be able to move around without flick and without be needed to the user keep the

target on aim camera. We gonna do that to a virtual tour, in our idea we plan to make the AR start in a single target and beyond that he/she

will walk around and explain the tour(at this point the user will be fallowing the AR around the place and the target was lefted behind).

The question is: I'm able to create a target with a HUGE scene(of curse that we will need to map the "walkable" area based on the real space) were the AR

can be able to walk around. And the entire animation start when vuforia indentify the target and just lock the scene in that point how a point of start?


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