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Get the phone position in relation to the extended tracking augmented object

April 7, 2019 - 3:50pm #1

Hi, everyone.

I'm wondering if there is a manner to identify the phone camera position (in real time) in relation to a 3D object while using extended tracking.

I want to put a 3D object into the real world using a fiducial marker and then remove the marker, but keep the augmented object showing through the extended tracking feature. Following, I want to be able to move away the phone from the augmented object and have the information of the location of the augmented object in relation to the phone. 

With this information, my intent is to show to the user through pointing arrows where she/he should moves the phone in order to find the augmented object again.

Finally, I would like to transfer this logic to the mid air feature. I can not do this directly using mid air because my phone is apparently not compatible (Moto G6 Plus).

So, is there any way to get the phone position in real time in relation to the extended augmented object using Vuforia?

Thanks in advance.


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