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Ground Detection Issue

February 17, 2021 - 10:30am #1

hello team,

I  followed this link and created project accordingly. After the final build and installing the apk in my phone, the camera is  unable to dectect the ground and spawn the particular object. 

My unity version is 2019.4.9f1

vuforia version is 8.1.12

My phone is Realme 2 (android version 9) and OnePlus 7 (android version 10)


Ground Detection Issue

February 23, 2021 - 5:35am #2


Unfortunately the setup 2019.4 and 8.1 is not supported.

Please use at least 9.3 with 2019.4

This being said there is also a chance that the devices will not work, altough we support devices with ARCore.

I would recommend to install our Core Samples from the Unity Asset store and test the Ground Plance scene.

Thank you.

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