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How to detect small chips in the board game

May 5, 2021 - 4:02am #1

I'am trying to make a board game with AR elements using vuforia. I have a Monopoly playing field (position is fixed on the table, camera position is also fixed) and flat chips, which i want to detect and attach a 3d model to them. How can i do that if chip's size is too small (1.5x1.5 cm)? Should i base on the game field cells positions somehow?

How to detect small chips in the board game

May 7, 2021 - 6:21am #2


here some points about  Factors that impact tracking multiple 2D markers, so I hope they could be helpful in your applicaiton case:

There are numerous factors that can affect Vuforia Engine SDK's ability to track multiple, simultaneous 2D target

  1. The device camera's field of view, which is determined by the camera's focal length and sensor size.
  2. Environmental lighting, including the presence of spectral reflections on the targets.
  3. The device camera's resolution setting (which depends upon the device). The higher the capture resolution, the better Vuforia's ability to extract feature points from the 2D target.

5. The device's processing power. Each additional target that is tracked simultaneously will increase the processing load on the CPU, which can usually be observed with a decreasing camera capture frame rate. At some point the processor may become saturated enough that it can no longer detect and track additional targets.


Thank you.

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