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how to import vuforia 8 package for unity

February 4, 2019 - 2:19pm #1

The main problem is I can not see vuforia 8.0 sdk option download for unity?How can I download it for unity?

Also how can unity automatically import vuforia prefabs like ar camera/image target.When I was using unity last times,unity prefabs were not exist so I had to import vuforia package every time

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how to import vuforia 8 package for unity

March 29, 2019 - 5:09am #3

I am not able to see the 3D object when i am running the app in ios please help me with solution

how to import vuforia 8 package for unity

February 4, 2019 - 4:00pm #2


To upgrade the version of Vuforia embedded in the Unity Editor, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Unity Editor
  2. Select Window->Vuforia Configuration
    • If there is an error message about Vuforia not being enabled, please follow the instructions and restart this process
  3. If your version of Unity is eligible for a Vuforia update, you'll see a message and link to download the installer
  4. Download and extract installer executable from downloaded ZIP file
  5. Quit Unity Editor
  6. Run the installer executable
    • For Windows, select the folder that corresponds to the installed version of the Unity Editor that is eligible for the Vuforia update. Ex: C:\Program Files\Unity_2018.1.4f1
    • For Mac, select the drive
      • If the Unity installation you're upgrading
        • IS NOT in /Applications/Unity/, select "Customize" and change the Location to the desired folder
        • IS in /Applications/Unity/, select "Install" to complete the installation
  7. Restart the same version of the Unity Editor in Step #1
  8. Verify the update in the Unity Editor via Window->Vuforia Configuration

If you have any previously installed Vuforia samples, you'll also want to download the updated versions of those from the Asset Store.


Vuforia Engine Support

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