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Image Target not triggering video in game play

May 22, 2019 - 2:08am #1

Hi there 


I downloaded core samples.  In build settings I switched to ios platform and in player settings selected vuforia.

I added my image target form vuforia downloaded database.  I selected image target and added video as a child from sample scenes (fissures), then removed Image target scene.  In image target I removed default video event handler and added video trackable event handler.  

In the video I added my video and configured applied trans code settings to video (1920x1080, codec, h264).  

i added an event system.  

When I play in game mode it selects play/pause so `i have to hit play agin.  The the camera comes up and when hold up the image to the camera nothing happens.

The video event tracking system was removed in the current unity and only works again using an older version 2018.4.0f2 but I downloaded current vuforia 8.11.

Can yo uhelp me, again Im desperate, I keep moving from one problem to another.


Also is it possible to have more then one image target in one docuemnt.  see attached images.


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