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Image target recognized in scene but not the game

June 8, 2019 - 9:48am #1

My image target is recognized in the unity scene. by this, i mean i can highlight the image target and while playing in the editor, i can see the image target's values changing and moving with the real target that i'm holding up to the camera. However, the game view is not playing any of the triggers, nor is the debug reporting that the OnTrackingFound method is being triggered. After about 10-20 tries, i can get the image target's animations/gameplay to show in the game scene. All the while still tracking perfectly in the scene view of the editor. The image target is 5 star and very good once tracking has begun playback in the game view.


Any clue why it seems to be finding the image target, but the OnTrackingFound method is not being triggered consistently? 


I'm uploading some photos so you can see the view of the scene's position change. i have the image target highlighted as i'm moving. I also have a photo to show that the image target does indeed operate effectively.


Image icon Capture.PNG530.78 KB
Image icon Capture2.PNG523.4 KB
Image icon Capture3.PNG493.08 KB
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