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Importing model at runtime not working

May 1, 2019 - 5:34am #1

So I have been using a Unity asset pack called SimpleObj for a while now, and it basically loads a Obj into your scene at runtime by using a www.

I have the file downloaded onto my Android device, and am able to load it just fine into a normal scene, but when I make the model try and load onto a child of an image target, it does not appear.

Does anybody know what might be the issue? I have used Vuforia with 3D models baked into the scene as children of image targets, but importing at runtime let's me download ANY obj I want, point my app to the pathing for it, and view it with AR, allowing for infinite flexibility.

I attached a snippet of code to show how the importer works.

Best regards,

Image icon code.JPG21.31 KB
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