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iOS Memory crush imageTarget

December 10, 2018 - 7:17pm #1

device: iPhone6 (1G ram) / iOS 12

platform : Unity 2017.3.0f1

vuforia: 6.5.22

Our Vuforia AR iOS app is crash when loading on iPhone 6

- iPhone 7 and higher device is good: ram is more than 2G

- We think this  sort of exceed memory size of iPhone 6 : Our app use almost 1.2G memory because of 832 image targets whereas iPhone 6 is 1G ram..

We know that we have lots of targets(832) than other cases but we SHULD deliver this targets. and we have some reasons to can not use the 'cloud recognition' options..

Could you help us to "reduce running app's memory size" to under 600M?

- image target size is 16*32

- in the log file, the app is down when 832 image target is just loaded

pls look into our log file.


Oh, and I can not write about dynamic loading because it uses asset bundles.




Plain text icon xcode log.txt428.48 KB
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