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Issues with Galaxy S10 and ARCore

August 8, 2019 - 2:57pm #3

We've recently made an application using Vuforia that we're planning to publish shortly, but we've run into a bit of a bug. We noticed recently that when we use any version of Ar Core, from the recommended Ar Core 1.4 library upwards to 1.10 (tested with 1.4, 1.6, and 1.10 libraries) autofocus does not work on several phones supporting Ar Core (Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S10 tested). After looking into the issue on the forums I decided to remove the library as the app did not use positional tracking. This solved the issue on the Galaxy S8 but disabled the camera altogether on the Galaxy S10, trying to view an ImageTarget results in a black screen (specifically the camera render surface, the UI being drawn in front of it was still rendered and responsive).

I attempted to upgrade to the newest version of Vuforia to see if it would resolve the issue, going from Vuforia version 8.1 with Unity 2018.3 to version 8.3 with Unity 2019.2 (doing so did break a significant portion of the app that was unrelated to Image Tracking and would be a significant extra time cost to development) and the app, deployed to S10, rendered a black screen even when including the Ar Core 1.10 library which rendered video without autofocus in the previous version in the same case.

I'm using the continuous focus feature which works well on iOS and all other Android devices we've tested with (S6, S7, S8, Generic Tablet).

Issues with Galaxy S10 and ARCore

August 9, 2019 - 11:01am #2


Thanks for the report. The functioning of focus modes on a device is solely based upon the OEM's implementation. Vuforia does not have its own implementation, so our APIs call native OS APIs. Thus, if your device supports ARCore, then Vuforia Fusion will call ARCore APIs in support of auto focus. If ARCore does not support auto focus on that device, then Vuforia Engine will not support it either. Since removing ARCore resolved the autofocus issue, it seems that the issue is related to ARCore.

Does the black screen issue also exist when running the Vuforia Engine Core Samples on the same device? It will also be helpful if you can share the exact S10 device model: Settings->About phone/device->Model number


Vuforia Engine Support

Issues with Galaxy S10 and ARCore

August 12, 2019 - 12:16pm #1

I used Unity 2018.3 with Vuforia 8.1.10 to load the samples. Aside from some unrelated errors (I may try to write up a report on that alone but for not the gist is that the prompts being displayed did not resolve the incompatible code featured in the examples despite being at the latest update available on the app store) when I was able to run the samples the camera behaved as intended after loading the Image Targets scene from the Main Menu scene. I compared the samples to my own project and found that the scripting backend was set to 3.5, I was unable to test if this is the primary difference as switching caused errors in my project that will take time to fix (I'm using an asnyc technique not available for 3.5). Attempting to change the scripting backend in the sample project to 4.0 caused a consistent crash for Unity. I'm now digging through various smaller settings to see if anything else isn't lining up. I've reintegrated arcore 1.4 into my project, which is still having the same effect in that the autofocus isn't working with my project.

Also the phone model is SM-G973U, though since the example project is working normally it may not be relevant.

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