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Mobile AR with Unity - What are people using?

November 12, 2020 - 8:08am #1


I'm looking into doing a project with AR Card recognition. I'm currently looking into Vuforia, ARKit, and ARCore. The wall I'm currently hitting is that I don't have good enough hardware to use these tools (I have an iPhone 5s and Google Nexus 7 tablet from around 2012).

With this current situation, I have to go down a path of spending money on new hardware anyways, so I want to see if any of you have recommendations: is there a preference to the AR tools for Android vs. iOS?

I'm currently looking more into emulating a device and using my webcam as the AR camera, but I want to make this a mobile application in the end. Any and all advice/recommendations are appreciated!

Mobile AR with Unity - What are people using?

November 20, 2020 - 4:57am #2


Vuforia does not support emulation. I believe that both ARKit or ARCore do not support emulators as well.

In order to prototype using Vuforia with Unity is the best solution as it facilitates fast iteration times. Now it also depends on the features that you want to use, the advanced features (GroundPlane/Area Targets/Extended Tracking) require IMO sensor data.

For Groundplane provides a workaround to use it with your webcam but in the end every app needs to be field tested, so a phone is required.

If you could provide more info on your use-case I can maybe be more specific in the tehnology/tools and hardware requirements.

Thank you.

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