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Multiplayer with AR (Vuforia) Not Working?

December 2, 2020 - 7:50am #1

I'm creating an AR Car Brochure project where I'm using vuforia image target and AR camera to view the Car Object. I want to create a multi user app for android using unity where two user can view the same thing. If one user interact with the object then the other user can see the same interaction.

I tried to use Photon to create multiplayer lobby it works fine up to creating room. But when I start the AR Camera Scene then it works like an individual user. No user can see how other user interacting with the object like opening car door, changing color of the car and so on. They can only see what they are doing.

I couldn't figure out how to resolve this issue, I guess PUN multiplayer creates a copy of the scene instead of showing the same scene to all the users. I will really appreciate your help and suggestions!

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