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[Need Advices] Best way to use Vuforia on a babyfoot

December 13, 2017 - 6:08am #1

Hello everybody,

We are a group of french students in IT and we have to realize an Android application using AR.

After some searches(researches), we found vuforia which turns out to be a magnificent tool coupled with Unity.

The purpose of our application is to  "mark" a babyfoot to display the score, the statistics of the players and an animation ( "GOAL") during the (all of this will be managed by buttons on the app )


We rode your documentation but we still don't know what is the most efficient way to use vuforia. 

Should we use a single marker ? A marker for each corner ? Use the hole babyfoot as a single marker ?

We don't have any Android device until tomorrow so we can't test by ourself !

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english ! 

Have a nice day !

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