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Need To Detect Router with/without wires.

March 4, 2018 - 11:36pm #1

I have a scenario where I have a Network Router and I need to detect if whether the wires(LAN, power etc) are attached to it or not.

Basically the idea is to troubleshoot the router and see if the wires are attached to back side of router or not.

Following are the Issues I'm facing :

1. I've scanned the router with and without wires using the scanner app of Vuforia .

2. Upon testing the scanned object(Router) It is always detecting the router regardless of the wires if they're attached or not.

Please suggest the recommend solutions to above problem statement.

Any kind of help will be highly appreciated .

Image icon with_wire.jpg2.55 MB
Image icon without_wire.jpg2.54 MB

Need To Detect Router with/without wires.

March 5, 2018 - 10:44am #2

Hello deepakssohal,

The addition of the wire is only causing a very small change in the overall features of the router. Due to this it is very likely that Vuforia will detect either Object Target scan regardless of the wire being plugged in or not.

Assuming there are no other changes you can make to the features of the router when the wire is plugged in, my best suggestion would be to detect the router and then prompt the user to confirm whether or not they have a wire plugged in. After this information has been given by the user, you can handle the situation properly.


Vuforia Support

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