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New Release 8.5 Patch (8.5.9) and samples (8.5.10) are available!

November 6, 2019 - 1:45pm #1


Today we’re launching a patch to the Vuforia Engine 8.5 Unity Extension (8.5.9) to include a fix for a linker error seen in Xcode when building Vuforia Engine iOS apps with Unity 2019.3 beta 8 and later. The new version will be made available via Unity’s package manager.

Also, all Vuforia Engine 8.5 Unity Samples have been updated to version 8.5.10, also to address errors seen with Unity 2019.3 beta 8 and later. In addition, the rendering and UI performance of the Vuforia HoloLens sample has been improved on both HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2. The updated samples are available immediately in the Unity Asset Store.

Please see our Release Notes for additional details, and thank you for using Vuforia!

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